Sea Level Brewing has an approachable taste to quality, micro-brewed beers. We guarantee to never compromise quality for quantity in our pursuit of brewing happiness. Providing distinguished characteristics and unique flavours to each truly handcrafted recipe; while deriving as many local ingredients as possible - such as our own hops from The Sea Level Hop Farm.

Sea Level Brewing - Beers - Planters Pale Ale.JPG

Planters Pale Ale

Our most popular ale crafted with Maritime Malt grown in New Brunswick, and French specialty malts. Balanced by a unique hop from Yakima Valley, Washington.
ABV 4.8%


Sea Level Brewing - Beers - ESB Extra Special Bitter.JPG

Blue Heron Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

Inspired by the Blue Heron on our tidal river. This extra special bitter is full of flavour from its signature smooth maltiness to the complex hop flavours and aromas through the use of three different hops. Atlantic Canada's Beer Competition 2015 Silver Metal Winner.
ABV 5.5%

Sea Level Brewing - Beers - Rojo Mojo Red Ale.JPG

Rojo Mojo Red Ale

A true session beer with tons of “Red Magic” going on. This is a well balanced medium-bodied beer with a moderately sweet malt aroma brewed with four different malts and balanced by a subtle hop flavour.
ABV 5.2%


Sea Level Brewing - Beers - Blooberry Pail Ale.JPG

Blueberry Pail Ale

Sea Level’s take on Blueberry Ale, made with real 100% wholesome locally sourced fresh blueberries. Filled with great taste and healthy antioxidants for all that ales you.
ABV 5%