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Sea Level Brewing Company first opened the doors Nov. 26th, 2007 as the first and only microbrewery in the Annapolis Valley. Located in Port Williams, Nova Scotia we share accommodations and work in partnership with The Port Pub.

Owner and Brewmaster Randy Lawrence has had a passion for handcrafted micro brewed beers for over 40 years now. Rising from a basement hobby, he started his home brewed experimentation process in the late 1970’s using only canned drugstore beer kits. Priding himself on developing and brewing approachable tasting beers with distinguished complex characteristics.

Sea Level Mission Statement: To produce an approachable taste to quality, micro brewed beers. Providing distinguished characteristics and unique flavours to each truly handcrafted recipe; while deriving as many local ingredients as possible. Guaranteed to never compromise quality for quantity in the pursuit of brewing happiness.

Having a seasoned professional career in brewing, Randy has built his reputation over the decades with award winning recipes while brewing for companies such as Propeller (Halifax, N.S.), Paddy’s Pub (Kentville, N.S.), and Rudder’s Restaurant (Yarmouth, N.S.). A true exemplary of transcendence from a home brew advocate, to experienced Brewmaster; now independently owning and brewing for his own microbrewery and hop farm - his life long goal.

Pioneering the way, Randy was the first to grow and produce a micro and commercially brewed of both wet and dry hopped beers in Atlantic Canada while brewing at Paddy’s Pub in 1995 and Sea Level Brewing Co. in 2009, derived from his own Annapolis Valley grown hops. His obsession with experimenting and being the first to try something different did grow stronger over the years, in 1985 after a few years of home brewing experimentation, Randy began growing hops in his back yard to enhance his brewing recipes and flavours. Originally ordered from Oregon State, USA; including a handful of different hop varieties, most notably Cascade and Fuggles. After 30 years of growing, he's taken his hops from his back yard, to cottage, and now his own dedicated Sea Level Hop Farm.

Over the years Randy has developed his beginner love for growing hops, to catching National attention by Taps Magazine in 2009. That year he expanded outside his own property, growing a partnership with Josh Herbin of Lazy Acres Hop Farm and local Annapolis Valley farmer Matt Harvey. Providing Randy with enough yield to produce the Sea Level: New Scotland Heather Ale, the as the first commercially brewed and bottled wet hopped beer in Atlantic Canada.

Randy’s passion for hops and sourcing locally grown ingredients doesn’t stop there, in 2011 he produced the New Scotland Heather Ale which was a Sea Level craft beer with 100% locally derived ingredients all from within the Maritimes. He sourced the heather working with the NSCC Horticultural Dept. in Kentville, malts from Canada Malt Group in St. John River Valley and the hops were grown at our very own Sea Level Hop Farm in Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia = 100% Local Maritime.

In 2016 Randy produced Sea Level’s Indigenous Pale Ale, with 100% locally derived Nova Scotia ingredients all from within 10km’s from each other. The barley was grown by certified organic TapRoot Farms in Port Williams, N.S. and then floor malted by certified organic Horton Ridge Malt & Grain from Wolfville, N.S. While Cascade and Brewers Gold hops of coarse provided by our own Sea Level Hop Farm grown in Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia = 100% Local within 10km's.

High tides, green grass and Sea Level beers - Don't be loco, drink local!

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