Jon Hamlin - Facebook
Overall Facebook Score: 5/5

I just spent a month traveling all around Nova Scotia trying just about every locally produced craft beer I could find. I'd have to say your Blue Heron ESB is the most balanced, freshest, and overall most impressive beer I have had the pleasure of enjoying. My flight home to Vancouver was delayed yesterday and I was super happy to find a few cans at Edna's in Halifax! Well done, wish I could get this stuff out in BC!



William Nickerson - Google
Overall Google Score: 4.7/5

Local, Competitive, knows the beer and knows how to do things right, the first time - What Flavour! Cheers!



Lee R. - Yelp
Overall Yelp Score: 4.5/5

I've been a fan of this brewery for years now. Friendly staff, great service, and the beer has always been at least above average compared to other craft breweries in the region. There is a constant rotation of monthly specials in addition to their year-round line-up, and one can purchase in growler, bottle or cans. The addition of the walk-in beer store has been a positive boon for the consumer, as this has increased the amount of beer they can have on sight ready to sell. And if one is weary of trying something from them, walk your butt into the attached Port Pub first, order a sample tray at the bar, see what you like, and then go back to the brewery and buy some to take home. Can't beat that.



JBlake117 - Trip Advisor
Overall Trip Advisor Score: 4/5

Visited the port for dinner during Acadia graduation & tried the planters ale as it was listed as the chefs favorite & it was one of the best craft beers I've ever had i even went next door to the adjoining brewery and purchased some to take home!



Brew Goblin -
Overall Score: 90/100

Hot diggity damn, this is the best blueberry I have ever had and on par with the best Fruit Beer I have ever had as well. Appearance, firstly, is unlike any I have ever seen before. Most blueberry beers look just like a Pilsner/Blonde Ale and have a blueberry scent/taste. This one looks like blueberry juice that is a beer. A stunning purple-blue with a light violet-white head, a wee cloudy with some fruit residue as well. Freshest blueberries, caramel, cereal and herbal and floral hops mingle to form the nose. The taste is bold blueberry paired with sweet malts, clover honey and a bittersweet finish from the hops. A fuller than expected, but welcomed, body with mid-soft carbonation. A fantastic Fruit Beer!